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Performances & Showcases


Through our coaching we encourage students to weave the elements learned together to create movement flow.

As professional performers, we strive to provide a variety of opportunities for our students and coaches to explore their creativity and express themselves through performance for audiences both indoors and outdoors.  


Upcoming Events

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be mesmerized by an aerial circus show that will take you on a journey to a planet like no other!! "Planet Cirque" is not just a show; it's a riveting documentary-style performance that pays homage to diverse landscapes, creatures, and natural phenomena - a living masterpiece.

Witness the art of human performance and aerial acrobatics seamlessly blended to celebrate the breathtaking beauty and wonder of “Planet Cirque”. You will embark on an extraordinary expedition that celebrates the breathtaking beauty and wonders of Planet Cirque. Aerial acrobats will astound you with gravity-defying acts that mirror the marvels of Planet Cirque. Witness them soar through the air, mimicking the grace of a soaring platypus, the agility of an octopus dancing through the sea, and the strength of a charging flamingo. Their every move is a testament to the incredible wonders of the planet. 

It's a show that not only entertains but also inspires creativity. Join us for this extraordinary journey and let your imagination run wild!

When: Saturday, November 18

Location: 2215 Gladwin Crescent, Unit 130 (our studio)

Timing: 19:00-21:00

Tickets: $10 Adults, $5 Children (5-12 yrs), Under 5yrs free

Tickets are available online, payment is cash only at the door on the day of the show.

We are an accessible facility.

If you have questions or would like assistance please reach out. 

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