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Specialty Workshops with

Anastasiia Parkhomenko and Andrii Balykhin


Sunday, May 5, 2024

Advanced Silks Skills

The 1.5 hr workshop will include advanced drops and dynamic strength tricks on silks. A focus on proper technique and common mistakes will be broken down when learning these elements. Exercises to support the improvement of these skills will be reviewed. 

For this level, participants should be able to perform: claming, feet lock, inverter, hip lock, and hold your weight on both hands. Ages 13+. 

Dress code: Please wear attire that covers your legs and arms, fitting snugly to your body. And also take a hoodie with you for additional body protection (for learning strength elements). Hair should be tied back and not obstruct your movements. No zippers/buttons/ metal on clothing or jewelry/watches. 

Intermediate Hammock

In this 1.5 hr workshop participants will explore aerial hammock and learn how to execute a variety of interesting drops. Ages 13+. 

Dress code: Please wear attire that covers your legs and arms, fitting snugly to your body. Hair should be tied back and not obstruct your movements. No zippers/buttons/metal on clothing or jewelry/watches. 

Handstand Techniques

In this 1.5 hr workshop participants will learn techniques for effectively mastering handstand balance in various positions. The instructor has developed a program that gives step-by-step understanding and confidence in hand balance. Ages 8+

The handstand program is divided into two categories: Beginner and Experienced 

Beginner is for those who have not achieved a handstand or who stand unsteadily and are afraid of falling/hurting themselves, a set of preparatory exercises and detailed explanations have been developed on how to work with the body as a whole and parts of the body individually, in order to ultimately achieve a confident, even handstand. Experienced is for those with a more established level who have already had some success in handstands and would like to improve and diversify the number of possible elements and exercises. Exercises include: complex balance exercises (one-arm stand) and strength exercises (planche, mexican, press-up to handstand).

Participants must be able to demonstrate basic fitness exercises including: straight arm plank hold for a minimum of 30 seconds, hollow body hold for a minimum of 30 seconds, superman hold for a minimum of 30 seconds, headstand for a minimum of 5 seconds, handstand supported by wall for at least 20 seconds.

About the Instructors


Anastasiia Parkhomenko (@parkhomenko_anastasiia_)

Anastasiia, is a professional aerialist with over 10 years experience. A graduate from the Kyiv Circus Academy with a master’s degree, she has taken part in festivals such as: Festival international du Cirque de Monte-Carlo 201, Artistika of the sea (People’s Choice Award) 2019, European Youth Festival, Wiesbaden Germany (Bronze) 2018, International circus festival «Golden trick of  Kobzov» 2017 (Bronze), Israeli international circus festival  in Ashdod 2016 (Gold), International circus festival «Golden trick of  Kobzov» 2016  (Silver), International Circus Festival of Italy  2016, Festival International des artistes de cirque de Saint Paul Lès Dax 2016. She has also worked in Singapore, Taiwan, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Finland, Israel, Austria, USA, Canada and Ukraine. In 2020, she co-founded the «Young Vision Team» a children's school of aerial gymnastics and acrobatics in Kyiv, Ukraine. Anastasiia is currently working as a coach at Timmins fitness alternative, continuing her development as a coach and artist. Anastasiia specializes in three disciplines: aerial silks, hoop and hammock. 

Andrii Balykhin (@andrew_balykhin)

Born and raised in Ukraine. Andrii has been doing acrobatics since childhood. Andrii entered the Kyiv Circus Academy, majoring in aerial gymnastics and graduating with a Master’s degree. Upon graduation he began touring. As part of an acrobatic group, Andrii took part in many international circus festivals, often winning awards. Festivals included: 

2018 Festival «Les feux de la Rampe» France, Brunoy (gold award), 2019 Festival «Newcomershow» Krystallpalast variety. Germany, Leipzig (viewer prize), 2019 International Circus Festival «Artistika of the sea» (silver award), 2019 Festival «Golden chestnut» Kyiv National Circus (silver award). In addition to festivals, Andrii has worked as a circus acrobat around the world including: 2012 - 2013 China, Shenzhen, Acrobat in the Park «Window of the world»; 2018 - 2019 Europe, Acrobat on the Cruise ship MSC «Musica»; 2019-2020 Austria, Purgstall, Acrobat in a Variety. Company: «Show Express». From 2020-2022, Andrii co-founded the school «Young Vision Team» a children's school of aerial gymnastics and acrobatics in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the school Andrii developed: the acrobatic program for children of different age categories; organized master classes in acrobatics and handstand; organized children’s show programs; and, organized children’s sports health camps. In Canada, Andrii continues to develop himself in acrobatics and handstand with a desire to share and exchange his experiences with everyone who is also interested in the art of body control.


Group Workshops with Aerial Antics

Book us for group workshops for fun with friends or as a team building activity.

Come learn the basics, explore a new apparatus or take your skills to the next level with like minded people. Workshops can focus on one apparatus or explore several. Minimum of 5 people required to book a workshop. Workshop content, length and timing can be tailored, contact us to book your workshop today.

Dress code: For all apparatuses we recommend a close fitting t-shirt or tank and athletic pants that cover the knees, no zippers or buttons.

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