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Classes, Training & Conditioning


Aerial circus arts are a combination of circus and acrobatic dance that provide an exciting approach to fitness through creative expression. We offer classes for all levels of fitness, ages 8+. Join us to tone, tighten and recruit every muscle in your body in a supportive and fun atmosphere. All of our coaches are certified instructors and professional performers motivated to share their passion and help participants meet their individual goals.


We offer weekly low ratio classes (max 6 students), private lessons and training times on aerial fabric (silks), aerial hoop (lyra/cerceaux), rope (corde lisse), static trapeze and aerial sling (hammock) with over 25 feet of height at Laws of Motion. Learn to fly in a safe and welcoming environment that inspires participants from all backgrounds. 

Program Descriptions

Adult Fabric Classes (Silks)

Adult Aerial Fabric (Silks) 
Start with fundamental techniques in Fabric Level 100 and work towards more advanced movements and sequencing in Level 200 and 300. Ages 18+. Note: In order to register for levels 200+ a skill confirmation from one of our coaches is required. Ages 18+. Description of class levels HERE

Teen Aerial Fabric (Silks)
Our teen silks classes (ages 13-18) are designed with skill levels in mind and structured so each participant can progress at their own pace. Safety and fun are our top priorities and techniques are taught progressively to ensure strength and stability in the air. Note: In order to register for levels 200+ a skill confirmation from one of our coaches is required. Description of
class levels HERE

Teen / Adult Classes

Teen / Adult Static Trapeze
Static trapeze is a non-swinging trapeze bar. In this multi-level class you will learn moves on and under the bar and in the ropes. Trapeze is a great circus art to begin with, this apparatus helps build the core strength, agility and spatial awareness. You can build skills quickly, and see rewarding results fast. Ages 14+. Description of class levels HERE

Teen / Adult Aerial Hoop

Build shapes in the air, turning them inside out and upside down in poses that will build strength and flexibility. Our high ceilings allow for creativity inside and outside the hoop, above and below. Instruction focuses on transitions and artistry, for spinners and non-spinners alike. As students advance they will learn beats and dynamic movements. Ages 14+. Description of class levels HERE

Kids Classes

Kids Mixed Aerials 
In our kids (ages 8-12) classes we focus on fun and explore a variety of aerial apparatuses. Our low ratio classes are designed to encourage exploration of movement and develop each child's talents at their own pace. Safety and proper technique are top priorities and skills are taught progressively to ensure strength and stability in the air. 

Teen / Adult Corde Lisse

(Aerial Rope) 

This class will begin with the basic moves, climbs and use of momentum (beats). You will develop a strong foundation to allow for the addition of your own unique movement style. Participants should be able to climb confidently and have good grip strength. Jogger style or loose fitting pants are recommended to avoid burns. Ages 14+.

Aerial Performance Development Course

In this course you will explore different approaches to performance creation to develop your own unique style. Come with experience on any aerial apparatus of your choice and the start of an idea for a performance piece. Learn to express yourself through dynamic storytelling, character development, and thematic exploration. This course will encourage experimentation, pushing boundaries to discover innovative ways of combining movement, music, and emotion in support of individual expression. 

Participants will be guided by seasoned coaches with extensive performance expertise and knowledge in various aerial disciplines such as silks, trapeze, hoop, rope and more. Whether you're a novice or an experienced performer, this course is designed to cater to all skill levels, providing a comprehensive learning experience that fosters both individual growth and collaborative artistry. Ages 13+

Registration can be found in the "Showcases & Performances" section of our registration pages.

Training & Conditioning

Looking to perfect that move you learned in class? Need act creation time? Take advantage of our practice times (pre-registeration required) with your own rig point. Follow the registration link for timeslots. Pre-register online by clicking "register". Ages 13+. 

Please note: Training time is not for beginners who have never taken a class. 

Training times and pricing can be found by clicking "register". 

Private Classes

Private classes may be scheduled for any aerial art. Please contact us to set up a lesson. 

Private classes are available outside of regular scheduled classes, training and workshops and based on coaching availability. 

Private lessons, price per hour:

  • One person: $70 + tax

  • Each additional person, up to three people*: $25 + tax

If you would like a private lesson for more than 4 people we consider it a workshop, please check our workshop page. 



please refer to our registration page which has class & Training days/times/Prices

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